I am a published freelance photographer from Milan, Italy who is currently working in Orlando, FL and Tucson, AZ.

My love of photography and cars have been a constant thread in my life. I enjoy everything that revolves around the automotive world. I constantly try finding and capturing great shots of any car, whether it be an exotic car or an everyday ride. I mostly choose to shoot cars on location so I can capture the real essence and personality of the subject and its immediate surroundings.

Although I have not been formally trained by any photography school, I have researched, read, and experienced almost every angle of car photography I could find. I spent my early years on set learning as assistant art director, stager and car-preparation for car commercials, TV shows, and independent feature movies.
I had the pleasure to cooperate with firms such as Buick, GM, BMW, Mini North America, Discovery Channel, MasterCard, Bonhams, PGA and Hoosier.

Thankfully working as a photographer has allowed me to meet amazing people, drive spectacular cars (sometimes only for a few feets…), see beautiful places and simply do what I love.

I will always offer you beautiful images, reliability and professionalism.

I am available to travel nationwide on assignments. I am multi-lingual English, Italian, French, Spanish.